Find out what your baby will be like before he is born.

Everyone who wants to have children has already thought about what characteristics he would have. These are questions that don't seem to have an easy answer. 

However, the various new and unusual technologies that seem to be so absurd lies. And that's the case with the apps that we're going to show you today.

These apps are so easy to use and so much fun that they can give you a glimpse into the characteristics of your future child. 

Choose your partner's photo from the gallery or go to "find a celebrity" if you want to see what your child would look like with a famous person.

1- FaceApp

It works very similarly to FaceApp. The application will generate the result, both for daughters and sons.

2- Baby Face Generator

Among the various filters within the app, we have the option to see what the future child's face will look like. you can save the photo to your gallery and share.

3- Snapchat

Learn more about how to use each app and get the download link right now. Swipe up and check it out!