After years it's time to change the cut!

After years with the same cut, we want to revamp the look. Or when we see a famous person with a new cut and we also want to have that same look.

But we start to think if the desired cut or the new color will match. So, apps to change your haircut can help us answer these questions.

It's easy to find sites with ideal cuts for every face type. But it's best to test the cuts on your face before choosing which one you want.

you don't want to choose just for a referral and then regret it. The advantage of the simulator is that it allows you to see different cuts and colors.

we've separated the best apps that simulate haircuts and colors from your photo.

For the female audience, it contains several hairstyles to test in your photos. Or you can add your face to photos of hair models.


Change hair color in real time. There are several colors, from natural to fantasy colors, or a hair with 2 different colors.

 YouCam Makeup

Basic app with hairstyle options. With a community created for users, you can share your photo anonymously to get feedback.

hair zapp

Check out our complete list of simulators and download the apps directly to your phone. Swipe up and check it out!