WiFi locator

It aims to find nearby available networks that allow connection. This is what apps to find Wi-Fi work with. 

We found the 5 best apps that allow you to connect to secure Wi-Fi networks, when you are away from home and without mobile data.

1. Wi-Fi Magic 

is basically a social network where users share the passwords of Wi-Fi networks that they have previously connected to. 

Finds nearby networks and indicates location, SSID, and available internet speed. And it is also able to sync the network data across all devices. 

2. Instabridge

3. WiFi Map

It displays a map containing the access points, provides the password for several networks and says which ones are open.  

4. Wi-Fi Finder

It presents several networks that are close to you, showing the ones that are public, paid and the ones with the best signal. 

5. Free Zone

It automatically connects to the highest signal network, so that the user can browse the internet without using the data plan. 

All apps are available for Android and iOS. Learn more details about them and download by accessing the link.