X-Ray Applications

What is an X-Ray

It is a device with a type of radiation and energy that makes it possible to see denser parts of the body. And so identify fractures in the body.


The radiation used has the ability to penetrate living organisms and cross tissues of lower density.

This makes X-rays a potential hazard, as prolonged exposure to them can lead to the formation of cancer cells.

X-Ray Apps

But to have fun and play with your kids or friends we have several X-ray simulators. So we've separated some.

you will be able to see the hands, head, trunk, among other parts of the human body.

Xray Body Scanner

It is not just an X-ray imaging simulator, but it also simulates parasites in the human body.

Parasites Xray Scanner Prank

Other Apps

– Wall Scanner Xray Prank – Xray Alien Scanner Prank – Xray Ghost Scanner Prank – Xray Fracture Foot Prank – X-Ray Prank

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