How to earn cards in Coin Master?

Cards are one of the fastest ways to advance in the game, as well as making it more fun with a goal of completing sets.

see valuable tips to get as many cards as possible, to complete your collections

But how to get Cards in Coin Master?

You can get chests as follows: – Unlocking a new village. – In raid. – Purchase with coins, or real money in the in-game store.

Get the right Chests

Always exchange cards for chests

As villages advance, 3 different chests can be exchanged for card stars, you will receive cards, pet experience, and spins.

Use the Wild card wisely: it can be won in mystery chests, or in special in-game events. Using it you can exchange it for any card in the game.

Use the Wild Card Wisely! 

One option that makes it easier to find letters is in facebook communities, in specific groups for these exchanges to happen.

Facebook Exchange Groups:

Follow all the tips on how to earn cards in Coin Master. Swipe up and check it out!