Learn English alone with the app

Learn English alone with the app

Why learn English?

The English language is a great differential, which can help you in various aspects of your life. How: in your academic, professional, cultural and even personal life.

How to learn?

If you want to learn to speak English at home, the best way is through apps and websites. That's why we've separated the 5 best apps to learn English.

Hello English

With over 300 free English lessons. In addition to having several conversion games to improve your skills.

BBC Learning English

Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation materials, specific English courses for academic purposes, business English and much more. 


If you want to escape the intense classes and want to learn English using the things that are part of your daily life, then Cake is ideal.


 HelloTalk is based on communication, not courses. That way the absorption of the content will be instantaneous, and you will be in direct contact in a conversation. 


One of the most complete apps available for free. You start your studies with no knowledge of the language and you have the possibility to come out fluent. 

Download now!

Download the app and start learning English right now, without having to pay for materials or class time. Take a step forward in your career.