How to get free gems in Stumble Guys

Here's how to get an account full of Gems and Stumble Tokens at Stumble Guys!

Learn how to earn free Gems on Stumble Guys in a simple and easy way without having to buy Gems! That is, you will be able to earn all the game currency (Stumble Chips and Gems) within the game!

Full of news, added both on Halloween and World Cup themed… Stumble Guys has been receiving a lot of new content with a great frequency, which makes it necessary to have a lot of Gems and Stumble Tokens to not leave any skins, emotes or animations win back! 

How to Get Free Gems on Stumble Guys

See how to get free gems on stumble guys
How to earn gems in Stumble Guys – Illustrative Image

There are several ways to get gems in Stumble Guys without putting your account at risk, that is, in-game methods that do not require any external intervention, or the use of bugs. See below the main methods of getting Gems in Stumble Guys in all its versions (computer, Android or iPhone).

Earn Gems and Stumble Tokens with the Stumble Pass

Stumble pass, or the Stumble Guys Season Pass has two versions, paid and free. As much as the paid version is the one that gives the most rewards to the player among them, the most desired, skins and emotes… in the free version of the pass it is possible to get 150 gems and 30 Stumble Chips without spending anything, just playing. 

Meanwhile, the paid Stumble Pass which costs 1200 Gems will return 400 Gems, which added to the free version totals 550 Gems, and 70 Stumble Tokens, added to the free pass totaling 100 Tokens. The best thing about the paid pass, however, is the other rewards higher than the free one, legendary or special skins, emotes and animations.

How to complete the Stumble Pass

Stumble pass - stumble guys
Stumble Pass – Stumble Guys

How to complete the Stumble Pass? Simple! Just play, the more matches you play the more you will be able to level up your pass. Wins level him up faster, but we all know how hard it is to finish first against 31 other players.

A tip is, enjoy the beginning of the pass, always play a little bit before the end of the season, you will get all the free rewards. Accumulated with the Gems acquired in the daily free spin, you get the amount of Gems needed to buy the next pass.

Earning Free Gems in Stumble Guys Lucky Round

lucky round stumble guys
Stumble Guys Lucky Round

Still on the game's initial screen, you have access to the Stumble Guys roulette wheel where you can win free Skins, Gems and Chips every day. The lucky roulette wheel can be accessed by clicking on “Free Prizes”. Another way to get there is by clicking on the Store, and browsing the “free prizes”. 

Initially, you are entitled to 5 spins every day (1 free, 4 when watching ads), but you can increase the amount of spins by buying gems in the game. The starter pack that grants 1400 gems for example, adds 1 more free spin, in addition to removing ads from the game.

As much as it doesn't give many Gems and Stumble Tokens, the round is a source of Gems, and very important skins, in addition to free 100%! The amount of coins earned can vary by 10-15 gems. When gaining repeated skins, they are converted into Stumble Tokens, the amount gained varies according to the rarity of the skin obtained.

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Use apps to earn free gems at Stumble Guys!

The simplest and most efficient method to get free gems on Stumble Guys is using apps. A very efficient method, but, of course, you need to dedicate a little time to get your balance in the app, and after that buy gems in the game.

Therefore, we have separated two applications with the purpose of accumulating balance, and this way you will be able to buy gems and chips. However, it's not Kwai and Tiktok, these apps pay the user, but they're out of fashion. But efficient, little-known, and best of all, free apps for Android and iOS devices. See what they are below:

How to earn free gems on Stumble Guys using Money App?

Money app - rewards app
Money App – rewards app

The first app that will give you balance to buy gems at Stumble Guys, to unlock skins and other items, is the Money App! It is an app that pays you real money just by doing simple tasks. In addition, there are tasks that can be done on the go, such as watching videos, answering questions, free tests and much more.

If you want to earn free gems on Stumble Guys, this is the right app. You will get money doing missions in the app in your spare time, and the best, it goes straight to the account.

Unfortunately, however, this app is only available for the Google Play platform, that is, Android devices. And if you use iOS, don't worry, because we're going to introduce you to an app for the apple platform! Finally, click the button below to download Money App for free on your Android phone:

It is worth noting that the Money App has more than 380,000 reviews and ranks in the store with 4.5 stars. If so, you can also download this app on your computer using an Android emulator. Check out the next app, available for Android


Quiz quiz app that gives real prizes
Quize – Question and answer game with real prizes

The second app that we have separated, so you can earn free gems at Stumble Guys, the Quize. A question and answer application, but one of the best to earn balance, to spend however you want. This app is a platform with many questions, a fun game that tests your general knowledge.

In this sense, as you answer the quiz questions, you will receive points, which can be exchanged for balance. So this app is not only fun, but you can also get a balance on Google Play and AppStore, and then buy gems on Stumble Guys.

The application is very simple and intuitive, just download, watch the presentation video and create the account. After that click on the “Start” button and start the Q&A game. Finally we leave the button below to download the application below! The application currently has a version for the Android system only.

With your Quize balance, you can earn free gems in Stumble Guys, or use them in any other game or app. Quize is highly rated in both app stores, and has over 110,000 user reviews.



The third separate app for you to earn free gems at Stumble Guys is CashPirate! In this applications it is possible to obtain balance in several different ways, therefore not becoming a very repetitive activity.

To get CashPirate balance you can use the affiliate system, just by entering the app through a referral you automatically receive 500 points from the app, which is equivalent to US $0.50. If you invite friends to the app and they use your link, you'll earn a percentage of everything they do.

The affiliate system is what will reward the user the most, apart from it, it is possible to obtain balance by downloading selected applications, doing missions, watching videos, with games and even answering surveys. I will leave below the button that will take you to the app store to download CashPirate:

To withdraw your CashPirate balance, you must reach at least 2500 points. Withdrawal is done through a PayPal account.

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Final considerations

We reached the end of the article, and you can see that there are several apps to get free gems in Stumble Guys. In addition, we also separate tips on how to get gems within the game itself for those who do not want to use external methods.

What we find most interesting are the methods to earn free gems in Stumble Guys. Because you will be able to unlock the items and skins in the official game, and so you will have an account with many skins. Finally, we from Arsenal Apps We are grateful that you made it this far, and we hope you enjoyed it. And if you liked it, we ask you to share this article with your friends, so they can win free gems at Stumble Guys, just like you. We wish you a good week and a big hug. To the next!

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