how to download video from instagram

Discover the best apps and tools to download videos on Instagram!

In this post we will see some ways to download video from Instagram. You will see step by step methods so you can download videos from reels, igtv and even stories, the method itself is similar to downloading videos on Facebook, or even TikTok if you use the application on your computer.

Remembering that by the application of Instagram itself, you have the option to save more it is only in your list of saved videos and not in your gallery. So to complete your task we will use third party applications. 

The following apps are completely free and available on their respective platforms, whether they are the Apple Store or Google Play. 

download videos from instagram

how to download instagram video
how to download video from instagram

The first app on this list is this one, in it you'll see how to download video on Instagram, both on Reels and on the feed. Now let's go step by step on how to install and use this application in a simple way.

You will be redirected to the official website

After downloading by clicking the button above, you will choose an option to login. You will be able to access your account using Facebook as a login or accessing with a username or email registered on Instagram, in addition to your password, of course.

To be able to use the app, you need to log into your Instagram to get the link to the video you want to download. It's pretty simple actually, it's pretty much the same for mobile and computer

On your Instagram you click on the ''three buttons'' that are usually in the upper right corner of the video or any post in your feed. To make it even easier and not have errors, just open the desired publication. 

The next step is to get the link, after selecting the three buttons click on the 'link' option as some devices already give you this option, if this is not your case, just look for the option to get a link, which will do the same. Now with the link, just enter the application and on the homepage paste the link in the search bar and finally download the desired video. Soon, you will see a download icon in the top right corner and your video will be there.

The video will appear in your gallery automatically, so even if you can't find it in the app, just open your gallery. The cool thing about this app is that it also gives you the option to download the videos you've saved on your Instagram.

Story Saver for Me 

how to download instagram video
Story Saver for Me (iOS app)

This application is suitable for IOS system users, and is also available for iPad. A similar option for the Android operating system would be the StorySever – Story Downloader app, which has very similar and very effective functions for downloading Instagram videos.

You will be redirected to the official website

After Downloading the application from the button above, let's get to know it better and see its qualities. Anyone who wants to download Instagram video, photos and stories from a friend should use Story Saver for Instagram app. 

Popular 24-hour posts naturally don't have download functionality, so this is where the app comes into play, allowing you to save all instant media posted by anyone to your Android device. 

The free tool displays a list of accounts that have recently published stories, but to collect all these sets of data, it needs your Instagram login and password information. 

You can directly share your own stories with other friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger or even your own photo sharing network. The app, even in English, is totally intuitive and easy to use.

You can be searching inside it and save the video or photo you want, Story Saver for Instagram app offers a useful feature. After that, the app provides a list of all Stories that are already available. 

It is important to note that only Stories that are currently live can be saved within the same 24-hour window as the social network. This means that older stories from your accounts or those you have posted cannot be retrieved. However, after saving this document, it is kept on your phone indefinitely.

Sites and Tools to Download Instagram Video

If you don't want to download apps on your phone and just want to download specific videos, we'll now know some sites that can help you with that. Remembering that you don't have to worry about your server as they work on Safari or Google itself.

Save Insta

how to download instagram video
Save Insta (Free Instagram Downloader)

The best Instagram downloader is the website Save Insta, which can be used to download high definition mp4 format Instagram videos, Instagram stories and highlights, profile pictures and photos, as well as private Instagram content. 

Just copy the video or image link, which has already been explained how to get in the first topic of this post. After that, put it in the box that appears at the top of the page. Finally, it will be saved on your computer, Android device or iPhone.

This site is quite simple to use, as well as other mp4 download sites, it fulfills its promise and leaves instructions for its users. Therefore, it is an easy-to-access tool where you can download video from Instagram. 


how to download instagram video

This site is a great tool to download videos from Insta, and it also offers you to download Stories, Photos, Reels and IGTV. Very easy to use, always starting from the primacy of others.

After getting the URL of the famous link of the item you want, just place it in the box to download it or click on 'past' and then click to start the download. You can easily download any photo or collage from Instagram using the Snapinsta Instagram Photo Downloader. 

You can download a single post image as well as multiple Instagram photos with Snapinsta. Since IGTV is a long video, if you can't watch it right away, you can download it to your computer and watch it later without having to be connected to the Internet or turn off IGTV.

Instagram Stories is a unique way for everyone to share their everyday photos and videos. Sometimes you want to create a story you like, but the tool is incompatible with the app. This edition inspired the creation of Snapinsta, which allows users to download Instagram stories and watch them online. If in doubt, watch this short video that will help.

These were some apps and tools that teach you how to download video from Instagram. They are simple tools and apps that aim to facilitate and help keep that memory for longer.

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