Download: Stumble Guys Lava Land Infinite

Download and play Lava Land's Infinite Mode in Stumble Guys! Play on Android and Windows, train all the scams and dominate this level!

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Download and get access to the training mode of Lava Land Infinite at Stumble Guys! Have fun, train the level and your tricks! Available for both computer and Android. The mode can be accessed through the game's Tournament rooms, but a modification of the original game files is required, which can be downloaded here.

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Stumble Guys Lava Land Infinite details

Stumble Guys is a true phenomenon, and every new addition to it is also a real hit, which is no different with Lava Land. In this version of Stumble Guys you will find:

  • Training mode with Block Dash and Lava Land Infinite.
  • Normal matches the same as in the original game (differences only in tournament mode).
  • Endless tournaments.


NameStumble Guys
Compatible withWindows, Android 5.5 or higher
MODLava Land Infinite
DeveloperKitka Games
Requires Internet?Yea
Requires Root?No
PriceFree of charge


  • Lava Land map scam training.
  • Lava Land stage training.
  • Game the same as the original in the normal stages.
  • Free of charge
  • Light.


  • Risk of banning on Stumble Guys account.
  • Modified applications may present risks to the device (mobile).

Common questions

Is it safe to download Lava Land Infinito on my phone and/or computer?

On the computer it is totally safe, presenting no risk to the system, for Android there are caveats. There are, at least so far, no reports of devices being damaged after installation, however, the system's own developer Google does not recommend installing applications outside its app store.

Where can I find the downloaded file on my cell phone?

All files downloaded by the mobile browser will be saved by default in the Downloads folder. Just use an app to browse your smartphone's files and look for that folder.

Are you at risk of getting your Stumble Guys account banned?

Yes, there are risks of losing access to your Stumble Guys account, so it is recommended to use a different account when using modded apps, be it Block Dash, Lava Land or a mod menu apk.

How to access Lava Land Infinite?

After downloading the files and doing the steps indicated, just go to the Stumble Guys “tournaments” mode and the rooms will be changed to Lava Land Infinite.

Is there a way to go back to the original version of Stumble on Android?

Yea! Just uninstall the modified version installed on your phone, go to the Google Play Store and download the original version of Stumble Guys.

Is there a way to go back to the original version of Stumble Guys on Windows?

Yes, just go back to the downloaded files to install the modification in the Steam game, and run the file “TrocaFakeStumble-0-VoltaOriginal.bat”. With that the game will return to normal.

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