Clips iphone native video editor

Download: Clips – Video editor

Clips is an application for editing videos, creating videos from images in slide format, which can be shared on social networks. Besides editing videos, also edit your photos, and music videos. Add subtitles, music, frames, effects, etc. to your videos to share with

capcut video editor

Download: CapCut Video Editor

CapCut is a complete free video editor available not only for download for Android, iOS and Windows, but also with the option to use it online in the browser. The editor is free, has a simple and intuitive interface, but with resources that provide quality editing. details of

Money app - cash rewards app

Download: Money App – Rewards Application

Money App is one of the best apps to get money while having fun watching videos, playing games, testing apps and answering surveys. No complicated missions, activities that can be accomplished without difficulty, becoming a good source for a little extra money at the end of the month. Money Details

quiz gameshow

Download: Quize – earn balance with questions and answers

Get balance with the fun quiz application Quize, one of the most famous and recommended applications to get balance using your cell phone. In addition to adding knowledge, and being fun, this application offers the option to make extra income. The matches consist of 15 questions where